General tips for preparations

Set Your Goal: GATE Exam is designed to test the candidate’s understanding and application of the basic concepts. Hence it is necessary to study the concepts in a comprehensive and systematic manner and avoid mugging up.

Manage time: Keep a strict eye on time while practicing for the exam; it’s important to work around time so that you are at a comfortable space with time you will be required to spend on each question. It’s always best to prepare a time table for study.

As a thumb rule, while solving any GATE problem, if the solution takes more than 8 steps, you must re-look at the approach. (Generally GATE problems are not lengthy).

Test Series: Candidates have to take weekly online test series provided by many websites. Regular tests will increase accuracy and speed to solve paper.

Punctuality: Always follow your time table. Regular and serious study for three to four months is enough to crack GATE. Never leave study for next day “Tomorrow never comes”. Preparation time for GATE is subjective and depends on so many factors such as individual's aptitude, fundamentals, attitude, concentration level etc., typically, a rigorous preparation of 4-6 months is considered well enough.

Keep a check on your performance; it is essential to check the pervious GATE question on the topic you just finished. You can try to solve some examples in model papers also.

Any problem can be tackled in a number of ways, so being innovative and intuitive also helps to reach the correct option quickly. This means, it is not at all compulsory to solve question in typical way. Practice comes handy to solve questions quicker so that the balance time could be utilized in some really thought provoking questions (few questions fall in this category).

Your study should be thorough, so that the moment you start reading the question you get an intuition on whether you can solve it. One way, is to read multiple books on the same subjects, especially for subjects of your interest or the thrust portion in GATE exam pattern. Further support your study, with some self- notes which will help in your final revisions.

While preparing always keep your goal in sight; visualize the universities where you wish to study. Always remember “You will get, if you really will it"; your positive approach is the key. Mild tension can be helpful to have a kind of motivation or a sense of duty. But you should avoid thoughts of losing which can cause loss of concentration and low performance. Read only when you are ready for it.

Stay Away from Social Media: Addiction of social media may be a barrier in your studies.

Hard Work is essential for GATE preparation; it is the only trait that will take you closer to your dreams. Above all this, spend some good time with yourself and relax.