Why GATE for Engineers?

For a life-time wonderful experience at IITs and IISc, or NITs, of course. And a masters degree ME / M. Tech as a bonus!

Appearing GATE or being GATE qualified need not be for seeking admission to the post graduation courses only. It has various advantages especially, when the market is getting crowded with the passing out of huge number of candidates with BE degree from various kinds of engineering colleges not having any standing and not known anywhere- you may simply lose yourself in the crowd. So, how to place oneself above others?

Reasons why we strongly recommend an engineer to appear for GATE exam:

1. Immense self-development: The technical PG courses lead an individual to take-up the challenges of a career rich in research &development through world class faculty interaction, extensive practical exercises, various case studies, simulation & modeling of real life problems, individual and group projects, research publications/presentations in journals/conferences etc. This is exciting!

2. R&D is glamorous and rewarding: The M.E /M.Tech /M.S programs prepare students to assume vital roles in R&D wings of industry to work on cutting edge technology and develop the state of art products for the future. As senior officers of the government have already acknowledged, India needs its best brains in the R&D sector otherwise we will only become consumers of technology, and not inventors. And if one is technically brilliant, one can file for, and own patents which can fetch both fame and prosperity!

3. Monetarily very rewarding: These M.E /M.Tech /M.S programmes are among the most lucrative qualifications in the world. A PG from IISc /IITs will not only be extremely rewarding monetarily, but will also put one in charge of one's life and career. The degrees will open doors to Ph.D programs in prestigious colleges & universities in India & abroad which provides a solid platform for careers in core area of engineering, and also in Research & Development (R & D) domain.

4. Entry norm for many PSU jobs: Recently, many public sector undertakings in India (PSUs) have made GATE score a minimum requirement for sitting in their campus interviews /job processes. Thus, without a good GATE score, one will be automatically ruled out (as an engineer) from their selection process.

5. Changed global situation: For post-graduation, two most popular choices are available to engineering students:

  • (i) CAT for MBA
  • (ii) GATE for M. Tech. In the current situation many management institutes are finding themselves unable to provide 100% placements. A glut of MBAs in the market has led to a rapid deterioration in the value of the degree itself. Hence, a lot of Engineers are now dropping the idea of pursuing an MBA, and sticking to their core area i.e. engineering. It is always safe.

6. High possibility of entrepreneurship: M.E/M.Tech/M.S course curriculum may discover an entrepreneur in you, which encourages you to start your own venture based on your own capabilities.

7. No need to change your field: You came to engineering with so many dreams. Don't let them die. You do not have to waste the money that the nation has invested in your education! Continue as a proud engineer, and contribute to the field for the rest of your life. Of course, later on in life (when you are, say 30 yrs of age) if you feel the need for an MBA, you can always do that. In fact, your company may sponsor it for you!

8. No need to sit for PET: PET stands for Ph.D. Entrance Test. This is a UGC approved test that various Universities conduct. Now if you are interested in enrolling for Ph.D. program, and you are GATE qualified, then you do not need to sit for PET.

9. Relatively affordable courses + Stipend-paying: The technical PG programs are very cheap as compared to an MBA from an IIM (more than Rs 15 lac fees!) and what's more - you get a stipend throughout your education. This is a double benefit that you can reap the most from.

10. Your dream of an IIT qualification on your Resume! Many students who fail to get into an IIT after schooling regret their loss for a long time. No more! You can now get into an IIT after your graduation, and proudly show the IIT tag on your resume to the world (and later on, your spouse!)

11. Improve your Campus Recruitment chances: Campus training together with GATE training/coaching improves your confidence to appear in GD/PI and overall presentation in the interviews, leading to better performance - an edge over other competitors.

12. GATE PASS (being GATE qualified) improves CV: The value of your GATE score remains throughout your life as you can mention it in your resume, though the GATE score is valid only for two years for admission.

So be a proud Engineer

Contribute to nation building through engineering

Prepare for GATE, crack it, get into an IIT, and rule the world!